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Export to Linked Excel not Working


I am running Toad for SQL Server version

When I click to export to excel file all works well. A file gets created and the info is there in a second. When I click on Export to Excel Linked Query a process gets created and no progress is made. I cannot cancel the background process on the application and the file never gets created. That one task exists forever until I close the application then it dies. No errors and no other messages. I have worked on the application for hours and nothing happens.

I am running it on a windows 8.1 machine and office prof plus 2013



Thank you very much for post. We have related Issue TSS-831 to log this.

It havn’t been fixed yet. We will try to fix it soon.



Thank you. will you notify here when it is fixed? Let me know the best way for me to get fix when done.



We are looking at this issue and will reply if have any update.