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  1. I’ve sent result to report [A on raport_excel1], result has been shown correctly.
    The I’ve undocked tab then docked again - result - tab’s lost its content.

  2. Imho there is a lack of ‘sent to Report’ in ‘Send to’ context menu





You are correct about the data disappearing when undocking the Excel Viewer window. I have entered CR106516 for this issue.

However, we recently changed the Send to Report Wizard button. This have been changed to Send to Automation. This now brings up an Automation Tutorial Wizard. We also have added the same action to the window Toolbar and menu.

We did this to open the door to teaching users how to build automattion scripts. There are many different scenarios for this. The origianl Send to Report, sent the data to the Excel Viewer and then sent it to the Automation desginer.

Right now this wizard just barely got coded and there are lots of little issues with it. We realize this and we are fixing them.

But this means there is no send to excel viewer. Will you miss this? Or is this new feature a better replacement? (I’m pretty sure it is in the current Beta.)



Unfortunately, my beta does not have such feature :wink:



I must have missed that Beta build. It will be in the next Beta.