Exporting the executed results to Excel


I am Susharma. I am working with Sql navigator for generating reports. When we query and export a text field with many line content, the results pasted in excel sheet will get scattered into many lines. Is there any way to avoid this? This is very essential for me, please answer ASAP.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Susharma,

In the Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle application, the information of reports exported to Excel will be shown as a table form as the original report in the Report Preview Window. The data of each column headers or data values will be placed in the cells.

For your case, do you mean you are now using the SQL Navigator product, and you lauch the Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle throught SQL Navigator?

Would you please provide steps to reproduce your case?

You can also try to attach an example that you find the report information shown in Excel file which does not fit your needs.

It would be good if you can also provide examples for what you exactly want in your report.


Hi Susharma,

Following up with Polly’s message. If you refer to the data grid in SQL Navigator SQL Editor, please let us know the current of SQL Navigator you are using.

I have tried the latest SQL Navigator v 6.0, and could not reproduce the issue here yet when doing export to Excel from SQL Nav Data grid. If you could provide us more details on the issues as per Polly’s note, Roman or Huyen from the SQL Navigator dev team will be to to assist you on this.

Thanks and regards,