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Exporting to Excel


I need to export several query results into one spreadsheet. I dont see a way to do this. I have 20 queries, and cutting and pasting or even moving the tab into another open workbook would be extremely tedious.

When I tried to run the export wizard, it started spinning and spinning creating export spreadsheets in an endless loop. None of the spreadsheets had any data.


You can export all result sets to 1 workbook with each result set as a worksheet. However, there’s no one click action to export all result sets to a single worksheet. You have to manually do following actions:

  1. Run all your queries in editor and get mutiple result sets
  2. Quick export the first result set to an excel instance
  3. Set your active cell and quick export other result set to the active cell
  4. Keep doing step 3

If this is a recurring task, you may consider building an automation script with a serie of export templates, each of them will contain a single query and export to the same excel file and same worksheet with specified (x, y) cooridnate.

Let me know if it helps.