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Exporting User Defined Types...


I was wondering if you still planned on implementing the import/export of user defined and dictionary types in TDM3. This feature was quite handy for me in TDM2 since we had a stock batch of custom data types for our apps and it was easy enough to import that into a new model for each project.

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Export/Import of user-defined types and dictionary types is already available in the BETA. Please see the Model menu | Export Dictionary, Import Dictionary.

The Dictionary items in TDM 3 are:

  • User Data Types
  • Dictionary Types
  • Domains

If you select Export Dictionary, all these items will be exported to .TXI file that you can import to another model then.

It’s not possible to make a selection of the dictionary items for the import/export.
All the dictionary items are always imported/exported at one jump.

Feel free to test this feature. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write us back. Thanks!




Ahh, silly me, sorry for the blunder. I had TDM2 up and saw the export button in the window with the dictionary types and expected to see the same thing in TDM3, but having it in the menu is just as good. Thanks!