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Expression syntax/wildcards



I’m trying to do a file_exists test and in the filename I ticked the expression box and set the filename to


The real filename has date/time info where my % signs are.

I havent had any luck searching these forums or the online docs for info about expression syntax /wildcards so any pointers much appreciated.



I can certainly understand that you would try to set up a file name with wildcards as an “expression”. Unfortunately, that’s not the intention nor how it works.

The idea with specifying a file name as an expression is that you may want to change the file name for different scenarios, so you don’t want to hard-code the file name.

The idea is NOT that you can provide a wildcarded file name. So you would need to do something more like this:

‘EDW’ || date_calculation || ‘STATIC’ || time_calculation ||‘dmp.log’

I hope this makes sense…