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External Editor for Generated Code


There is a setting for MS SQL Server 2008 called “External Editor for Generated Code.” I have TOAD for SQL Server. 2 questions:

  1. Can I type in the path to TOAD, and have my code open up automatically in a TOAD editor window?
  2. Can this type of integration be made more seamless? They are both Quest/Dell products. Just select “Open with TOAD for SQL Server”, and provide the path to the executable (which should be auto-found for me, with option to alter if I want).



  1. Yes. See attached screenshot.
  2. Yes, however there are various combinations possible and the detection of correct/latest version of Toad for SQL Server might not always be easy. Integrations with other products are on our ToDo list already.

Thank you,



Thanks! I have altered my settings.

I have several versions of TOAD on my PC, including the latest Beta. I can see how that might present some problems. However, a selection box or drop-down-list might help in resolving this issue.


I am glad it works fine. The combo box is certainly good idea. As I wrote, integration will be improved (probably a bit later, not in the next commercial release).