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These are some things I use my external editor (EditPlus) for that would be nice in UE. Let me know if I need to elaborate on any of them.

  1. Copy and Paste columns
  2. Find & Replace within a Selection
  3. Single keystroke to duplicate the current line
  4. Set up customized macros to execute with single keytroke
  5. Set and goto markers (set markers on lines of code that you can jump back to)
  6. Sort Selection (I may have 20 variables declared, and I can highlight and sort)
  7. Change all tabs to spaces (I like to work with tabs, but I have to convert them to spaces before I check it in our source control)



Hi Charlie,

We’ll definitely try to implement your requests (except those that are already there ).

  1. I understand. This can be done quite easily.
  2. This is done by checking Limit to Selection box in the Find/Replace panel.
  3. Easy to do.
  4. A bit harder. I’ll look if our editor component has any provisions for this.
  5. In the next build, there will be a Bookmarks submenu where you can set up to 10 bookmarks (0-9) and jump to them. Even in the current build, you can toggle a bookmark by pressing Shift+Ctrl+digit, and then jump to a bookmark by Ctrl+digit. This is consistent with the old editor.
  6. Apparently, this should work with column selection? OK, we’ll take this on board.
  7. Accepted. Perhaps we need to implement the reverse conversion as well?

Thanks for your excellent feedback,



That’s just awsome .

  1. Yes, the reverse as well. EditPlus has two options here. Convert spaces to tabs, or Convert all Leadings spaces to tabs. I usually just use the latter. The first one puts tabs where I really don’t want tabs, so it’s more trouble than it’s worth. but the Convert Leading tabs is helpful.

I’m sure I’ll run across some things after I start using UE for my packages.



Hi Charlie,

Just to let you know, I’ve already implemented a few of your requests:

  • Block selection
  • sorting of a block
  • Tabs to Spaces and Leading Spaces to Tabs
  • Duplicate Line

Soon you will have no excuse for using EditPlus instead of UE




What took you so long?

It doesn’t look like the Bookmarks work in UE.

Paragraph indent/unindent (ctrl-I / ctrl-U) are not working in UE.

Can you add a way to do a Line Comment – instead of always using block comments /* */ (alt-F7)?

Can there be a way to Select a Word or Select a Row without double-clicking or triple-clicking on it? The clicking is nice, but sometimes when you are editing, if you want to find a word you are on, it’s faster to just press ctrl-W (to select the word) and the ctrl-F to find. Or crtl-R then ctrl-C to highlight and then copy the current row. It’s faster than going back and forth to the mouse.



Ah, yes, in the build you have the bookmarks shortcuts in UE conflict with the main menu. You should wait for the next build.

Indent/Unindent works by Tab/Shift+Tab, if you select your lines first. This is the same in many editors, including EditPlus . Or, you can use Ctrl+Shift+I/Ctrl+Shift+U.

Line Comment can be added easily, we just need to invent another shortcut.

Like in many editors, you can select parts of your text by holding Shift while using navigation keys. To select lines, use Shift+Down/Up (do Home first to select entire lines). To select a word, use Shift+Ctrl+Right Arrow. This is standard and easy to remember.



I am patiently waiting for the next build.

Something is a little fishy with the tab indent. If I use Tab/Shift-Tab, it looks like it indents by about 8, but if I use Ctrl-Shift-I, it indents by 3 (same as what I have set in preferences). Both should use what I have in preferences.

For the line comment, it would be nice if it could work with the Column Select. For example, if I have the following stmt, it would be easy to comment the Values.
‘This’, – aaa
‘is’, – bbb
‘a’, – ccc
‘test’ – ddd

Your last paragraph brings up another point - where the cursor goes when you press the Home key. This is set in proferences, but I have it set up so the Home key goes to the first letter of the line first, then if you hit it again, it goes all the way to the begining of the line.



I’ve fixed the problem with Tab indentation - it just didn’t use the preference.

Sure Line Comment will work with Block select. What if the type of comment is set automatically based on the current Selection Mode (Stream/Block), so we just have one Comment Selection command?

I didn’t know we had such a preference. What is it called?



The Edit+ setting is under General in Preferences (see attached). With it checked, when you press the Home key, it goes to the first letter of your line. If you press Home again, it goes all the way to the start of the line (back and forth as you press Home).

I don’t think you can do it with just one Comment Selection command. If you select a block of code, you may want – in front of each line, or you may want /* */ around it all. If UE does it for you, you don’t have a choice.



I don’t get it. Are you suggesting for us to have the same preference? We never had it before, and it has never been requested. Without it, multiple lines can be selected like I described, you don’t need to press Home twice.

Am I missing something?