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External initialization code throws no error


Hi CodeTester-Team

Assume we have the following procedure that should be executed within the external initialization section (this is just an example to simply reproduce the behaviour, in fact I have to call a procedure that recompiles my package with some cc-flags):

**create or replace procedure p_test is
execute immediate ‘create table t ( x number )’;
end p_test;
**So in the customization-tab I write down the procedure call like this:

**-- External initialization for all unit tests
BEGIN p_test; END;
**This works fine, as long as I use the BEGIN and END keywords. If I omit them like this:

**-- External initialization for all unit tests
**… the procedure won’t be executed and I even don’t get an error mesage. This is really confusing, because in this case you never know if the procedure is executed or not. I think the error handling should be improved here.

Thanks and regards



Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Daniel.

In 2.0, you will be able to “skip” the begin - end. We will do it for you.

And if the code fails, you will see an error message in the results viewer.

So - please check it out when the next CT2 beta is released.

Regards, SF