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Extra button on Reverse Engineering Wizard?



While Reverse engineering the database, I accidentally clickon “Previous” button, when I try tocarry on reverse engineering, which I click next again, the following errordisplayed.

Then I am not able to carry on reverse engineering unless Irestart it again. E.g. Click on “File”->"Reverse Engineering"and fill in the details.

I am wondering if it is possible to add some extra button on"Reverse Engineering Wizard" E.g. Disable “previous” buttonwhile reverse engineering, and put another button to allow user to stop theprocess and go back the previous step, or change the property of "Cancel"button, at the moment the “Cancel” button will stop the while reverseengineering process and exit reverse engineering wizard.

Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks




Sorry about forgotten to place the attachment.

Please find the attachment about the error.

Many thanks

reverse engineering error.doc (191 KB)


Thanks for this notification and suggestion.
Reverse Engineering Wizard will be significantly improved. We will take your request into consideration while working on it. CR# 33 591.