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Extract ddl from subpartitioned tables once again



I 've noticed that you add subpartition list into ddl, but values in lists are in upper case, when shouldn’t. Try this reproduction:
1.Create table from attachement, watch values of the subpartition.
2.Extract ddl from this table, values are in upper case.

Ps. Subpartition template in ex_ddl could be nice improvement too…

Regards Piter (420 Bytes)


Hi Piter,

This is because, while extracting DDL, your preference “Names case” is set to value “lower”. You have 2 preferences to modify alphanumeric characters cases in script, when extracting DDL… Have a look at available combinations.

The template suggestion for subpartitions is good, future enhancement.



Hi Andrew!
So I wasn’t talking about names and keywords in ddl but about values for subpartition, which should have case as in definition. For example when You create table with value for subpartition list = ‘Hello’ and then try to insert into table values ‘HELLO’ - ora error occurs , that could not find corresponding partition. In my opinion values should be extracted as oryginal text stored in ora dictionary.

Regards Piter


Hi Piter,

Spot on. Thanks for correcting me! However, now we need to investigate implementation of subpartitions in more details. We’ll get back to you.



I’ve raised two CRs… one for the bug, and one for the enhancement.



Thanks!! Many people in my company will be happy!