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Extract ddl of roles


One suggestion, extract ddl of roles could extract privs granted to role too…

Regards Piter


hi Piter,

We will raise a request for this on your behalf. We will get this to you shortly in a future Beta build.

Thanks and regards,


Few more things in this thread.
Extract ddl includes only system priviledges, not objects priviledges and roles granted to this Role.
DDl from user does not have object privs too.
By the way it would be nice to have one more tab in Edit user/Role window , - Objects priviledges (granted and received).

And the last one:. When you grant priv to object, without refreshing DBNav Tree afther granting, and then made ddl from this object, grant is missing. Looks like DDL reads parameters from dbNavTree Form, which could be out of date. Parameters should be readed directly from dictionaries

Regards Piter


Hi Piter,

The CR has been updated with your additional notes.