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Facing Performance issue with code tester tool


Hi All,

I am using code tester version. Oracle data base version 11g.

For creating Test case we are using toad 12.12 it takes less than a minute or two. But thing is we did not find any option to enable the code coverage for the test cases , create the suite and copy the test case to Suite which we creates in toad. So we have to use code tester tool.

We are facing huge performance issue with tool. PFB details
a) For connection it tooks 15-30 mins.
b) To Edit created Test Case it takes 15-30 mins
c) When we run test case it tooks 20- 30 mins to complete.
d) TO copy the Test case to Suite it will take 15-30 mins
if u consider above max times to execute 1 Test case it tooks 1 hr to 1.5 hr.Some times the tool hangs in this case we need to repeat the process again.

Could you please let us know is this the usual behaviour or we are missing some thing which results in this issue.

Thanks in Advance.




Hi Jainul,

I’m sorry to hear about the poor performance. We have some information lately that the user interface is very slow sometimes. However, the performance is not so bad on our development machines. Test case from creation to run is max. 5 minutes in our environment.

What is your database setup? Are you using a single testing schema and repository? Are you using a shared repository?

Could you provide some telemetry data? I.e. number of programs, number of test definitions, number of test cases per definition… Please see the attached SQL files for stats gathering.
Get_program_stats.sql (959 Bytes)


The second attachment…
STATS_gathering.sql (3.59 KB)


For your connection issue, do you have LDAP defined in your SQLNET.ORA file? If so, does the LDAP server exist. We have seen long connection times in cases where an LDAP server is defined but not running.


Hi Fero,

Sorry for late reply. We are using oracle client instantclent_11_2 as database.PFA Screen shot for the same. We have repository created in our schema it self its not shared one.

We executed the script. The output of the script is . ‘Filtered programs for the testing schema: 50268’.




Hi Gregory ,

Sorry for delay in response. Thanks for your inputs. We are checking on it. We will back shortly.

Thanks in advance.