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Failover issues


Even though the Profile Options are adjusted to Infinite Timeout and Enable Reconnect (with 50 attempts), there are errors upon failover.


Only certain errors are used to indicate a reconnect, so it may be that the error that is being reported in not in this list. What error are you getting?

The error numbers for SQL Server that will cause a reconnect if enabled are 10005, 10008, 10010, 10018, 10025.


I’m getting bunch of “DB-Library Error…General SQL Server error: Check messages from the SQL Server…Could not find store procedure ‘C_SP_Payment’…‘New_Order’…”

I have a screenshot of the error messages. How can i attach it to this message?



Not sure you can attach images, but if you are getting error messages indicating the stored procedure doesn’t exist, you have bigger problems.

Can you see them in the database in the connection you used with Toad or EM?

You can send screenshots directly via email: