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Faster Splash


When I initially open up SQL Nav, it takes about 20 seconds for anything to show up on my screen. I don’t know if it is loading or not. I don’t want to open it again. Is there a way you can display the splash screen right after the icon is dbl-clicked to open? Just so I know I dbl-clicked it and it is opening.

I know each subsequent time I open SQL Nav it is much faster, but it is the first time I open it every day. I don’t really mind it taking longer the first time, it is just the feedback to me that is it loading is what I would like to see.



Sorry - but slow load is bad anytime. Firsttime of the day, lasttime of the day, anytime of the day.

Slow bad, fast good.


Hi Charlie,

We have raised a CR to look in it for you in the next release post v6.5.

Thanks andr regards,