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Feature enhancement request - Password notification


When running automations, if a routine accesses a database where the password
expired, you get the normal popup window indicating that you must change your
password. Normally, this window appears when connecting ad-hoc to a database,
thus you know which password you need to change.

If Automations are running and they encounter a password expired, 2 things
happen which must be addressed:

  1. The automation hangs (you have to dig to figure out which automation is
  • need to create a log entry in the automation log indicating that a password
    change was requested by the database, this was we can externall monitor the log
    and send a notification if the log contains an entry “waiting for Password

2)The user has no idea which database is requesting the password change, hence
when returning to the screen, the popup is there, but which database password is
it requesting to change?

  • need to identify the Connection Name in the Window Bar of the popup.

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Good point. The prompt for the password entry should not be displayed during
automation. What type of connection is this occurring on?

I entered CR83961 to fix.



All, but in this case it was Oracle.
It is not so much a bug as it is a procedural circumstance.

There’s nothing wrong per se other than the popup should identify the Connection
Name requesting the change. A log entry that a password change was requested
will help with higher level external automation routines to monitor the TDA
automations and troubleshooting.

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Thanks for the info.