Feature Question: Is there an option to save as .xlsx?

Per subject, does the Toad client offer an option to save multiple (/all) open result sets as a single .xlsx file, under multiple spread sheet tabs?

(A result set on each excel tab)

Thanks in advance,


Hello Ziv,

Unfortunately this functionality is currently not available. You might want to post a suggestion to our Idea Pond.

Thank you


while we don’t have that exact option we do have two features that might help.

  1. If you are in a SQL Editor you can save your file as a *.tef file. (Toad Edtior file) This file will save all of the result sets for future viewing. It can only be read in a Toad.

  2. If you used the export wizard you can enter multiple sql and it should export each sql results to a separate excel worksheet in the same excel file.

Hi Debbie, thank you for your reply.

Regarding the first option: I’m afraid it must be an excel file.

Regarding the second option:

A) Is this export wizard for query results, or full table export?

B) If it is for query results, and I have a single query that returns multiple result sets, can this option work with that, exporting each result set of that one single query to a separate spread sheet on that same excel file?

Thanks again,


The option I am referring to is for Query results.