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Feature Request: AutoReplace for any version of SQL


I use Toad’s auto-replace feature to automatically capitalize keywords as
I type SQL Statements (rather than using the formatter after the fact).

Problem is that every time I upgrade from one release to the next I have to
manually re-enter the entire list, not just once, but once for each language.

What I’d like to see is in addition to the version-specific autoreplace
list, a non-version specific list.

So in the language pick list, have a: “SQL (any version)” option
that gets combined with those version-specific ones where the rule is look to
the version-specific one first, then to the (any version) one in the case of the
same keyword being defined more than once.

Alternatively, it would be nice if we could store this information in a central
location like I can with snippets.




Hello Darren,
thank you for the question. It seems that this is broken in 5.0 release only. I’ve double checked and it works fine on migration 4.1, 4.5, settings the next release. Probably you didn’t chose migration from prior release or it is something else…

We already have CR75916 to track this particular issue.

As workaround you can copy all nesessary files from this folder :
C:\Documents and Settings<your account>\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for SQL Server 4.6(4.5, 4.1 etc)\Templates\CodeTemplates\

…to the same folder for 5.0 release.

thank you for the reporting.


Forgot to add, that I’ve created CR77504 to track your initial request
about making non version-specific Auto replace lists.