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Feature Request : Convert Case for Reverse Engineering



Minor Feature Request.

Please add this to your feature backlog.

For Reverse engineering, please provide the option to convert the case of the physical names to UPPER, lower and possibly Title case. This will allow reversed engineer diagrams are more readable or meets conventions etc.




Thanks for your suggestion!

Here I’m with some comments:
The model that will be created after the reverse engineering must be identical with the content of database. - And this wouldn’t be accomplished in this case.

To meet your requirement, you can also use the TDM 3 scripting features. - Documentation on this issue is being prepared at the moment. Thanks for your patience.

Nevertheless, we will further consider your suggestion. CR # 31 272.






I will look at the scripting feature when available.
I mention this because many other Data Modeling tools have this feature.
It aids in readability and help us with consistency/standards when refactoring databases etc.