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Feature Request: Destructively Change Table


Right now in TOAD if I change and existing column’s definition is does it
non-destructively (ie it creates a new table, converts the data from the old
table to the new table) to ensure I don’t lose the data in the changed
column. This is great in most cases. However I’ve run across cases
recently where I have a huge table (think 2 million records) and I have to
change the definition of a column but don’t care about the old data in the
column (I’m just added the column and realized I didn’t make it not null
or something like that so I have to go change it). This takes quite a while
for even a simple change because it has to copy all the old data over. It
would be nice to have the option to destructively change the column so basically
what TOAD would do is drop the column and recreate it with the new changes. I
do this manually right now but it would be great if I could select this option
when changing the column definition or if TOAD would ask me.


Charles Haines
Senior Software Developer
P: (410) 535-5590 x1196

Recorded Books, LLC


I like this idea. I created an enhancement request 74989 t o address it in the
next (sorry) release.