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Feature request: find by attribute


TDM 3.4.14.

Edit/Find (ctrl+F) is quite useful, but it’s not able to find entities by attribute name.

It could be useful in some circunstances. In my case, for example, I’m working on a huge legacy db, designed without referencial constraints. I’m building them, hence I’d like to find an entity using, say a user_id attribute, in order to build a relation between users table and that entity.

I wasn’t able to find a tool for searching entities based on their attributes’ names.


Hello Arialdo,

Yes, unfortunately direct way via CTRL+F for attributes is not available now. As far as I know, we will work on this for any of future versions (CR 65 855).

Possible workaround via Object Viewer:

  1. Right-click the model name in Model Explorer | Object Viewer.
  2. Write the attribute name to the Object name box and select Attributes in the Object Type box.
  3. Click the green button on the right.
  4. The list of attributes of such name will display. See the Parent Object column with information on the entity. (If you need, you can double-click the selected entity to open its Properties form.)
  5. Once you know the entity name, you can find it in Model Explorer - double-click its shortcut highlights the entity on the WS.

If you have more questions, please write me back. Thanks.



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Yes, this is the strategy I’m using. Actually, object view is one of the tools I adore of TDM.

The problem is: once I find something with Object View I just can double-click on it in order to edit it. Unfortunately, I can’t select the entity, but just edit it.

If you think about it, CTRL+F and Object Viewer do very similar jobs.

  • Both searches objects; CTRL+F can just find entities (and this is a limitation); Object Viewer can find anything (and this is coooool)

After the search

  • CTRL+F can only select the object (I can edit it with another doubleclick)
  • Object Viewer can only edit the object (oops, I can’t select it!)

IMHO those two tools could be melt together or at least they could share their features.

You could even remove the ctrl+F panel, if you’d show the Object Viewer instead: the only requirement should be the ability for Object Viewer to select the object AND edit it.

In other words:

why don’t you add an option to Object Viewer to select the found item?
why don’t you add to CTRL+F a Object_Type combo box, like in Object Viewer?



Hello Arialdo,

Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, we will definitely work on this. I’ve added your notes to the CR 65 855.

Thanks for your fantastic co-operation!

Have a great weekend.




is there any update on this feature request?


Sure. See enclosed screenshot. Object viewer was improved. In the current version of TDM you can:

  • search in comments and notes
  • serach in SQL properties

Also when you right click any item in grid you can locate the item on actual workspace by choosing “Find on Actual Workspace”. In case you use multiple graphical representatives for the same object (let’s say you have the same entity in your workspace twice) you can choose “Find All Shortcuts on Actual Workspace”.

In addition, you can run Macros on selected items.

Note: it works for attributes too. (entity will be selected on your WorkSpace)



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