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Feature Requests: Ability to specify possible values for Snippet Parameters


I asked for this feature a few years ago and found myself wishing I had it again
today, so here’s the request again:

Add the ability to specify possible values for snippet parameters:

When you’re in the snippets definition screen adding parameters:

I’d love to have an extra option that allows me to check a “show
list of values”, and then be able to type a simple list of values (that
you’d just store in another XML element of the snippet definition).

The usage of this would be that when you’re on that particular field of
the parameter, instead of it just being a text box, it would change to a combo
of the values you entered in that list.

Ideally I’d also have another option: “Limit to List” that I
could turn on or off.

My current work around when the list is short is to just type the possible
values in the Tooltip, then hover over that tooltip to read the values:

But then I still have to key them manually and could make a typo.

Having a pre-defined list would minimize the chance of the typo, and let me
share the snippet with my group of developers, minimizing the chance of them
making the type also.