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Just installed the latest beta and things are looking great… can’t wait for the RE to work on MSFT SQL Server. :wink:

One thing I did notice is that if you have multiple models open and then you open and close the Scripting Window you are taken to the first model you have open and not the one you were working on (the one that was active).

Also, it looks like you can open as many Application Views as you’d like. Same with Message Explorer, Version Manager, Script Explorer, Package Explorer. Is that a feature? If so, let me know why I might want to do that. I can understand the functionality for the Scripting Window. I guess if you were working on multiple projects at the same time you might want multiple instantiations of these other tools.

Thanks for the hard work,



Hello Doug,

Yes, it’s a feature.
TDM 3 allows you to open several instances of dialogs, set a different view in each, dock them where you like, and undock or close/open when necessary.

Some of the examples:

  • AV - You work with 2 models that have a lot of Workspaces. You need to see all WS for each model. -> You can open AV for each model.

  • VM - Open VM for each project.

  • Message Explorer (ME)- Set up different view filter on messages in each.

  • VM, ME, Script and Package Explorer - dock the forms to the models where you need them or use them. Set the view on items in the forms for each model to meet your needs.
    E.g. you work with scripts and packages only in Model X. Feel free to dock Package and Script Explorers to the model. -> It saves place while working with other models. The packages will be available only for Model X - just where you need them .

Other great features for more comfortable work: inplace editor, modeless dialogs, object navigagor box, Model Explorer (ME itself, between ME of two models, between ME and WS)…

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.




Hey Doug,

The feature threw me a little at first too, but I’ve quickly come to enjoy it. Lately, I’ve been doing setting up a lot of stored procedures that have similar functionality and description text. So what I typically do is open two copies of the Procedure Window Dialog so that I can use one as an “edit” window and the other one as a reference to copy text over. The drop down navigation is nice as well for the stored procedures/tables/etc., but as soon as you make a change you have to apply them before continuing. The dual window thing helps a lot.