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Feedback on build 844


Here my 5 first points of feedback and potential bugs on build 844. Please pardon if these are known issues, or if I misunderstand how to properly use version 6.

a) Selecting a table in the DB explorer pane, then pressing F3 gives an “Information | Search string ‘’ not found” message.
I expected it to do the same as right-click and “Browse Data”, as in prior versions.

b) When a data grid is present, clicking the “Export Data” icon does not remember my preferences. It does remember what I entered into the “Format:” drop down, but forgets entries under “Options” after each use. For me that means with “Delimited Text”: repeatedly clicking "Options | Delimiter = | Quote Character = | Put columns names on first line.
In Version 5.0 this is all retained, however, I still have to click “Options” first in each session for them to become effective.
It should retain and apply them all just as last used.

c) Ora-Subquery-Factoring-Clause misunderstood:
As in version 3, a query using this clause, e.g.

With SomeSubQuery as
(Select dummy DD from dual)
Select DD
from SomeSubQuery

is executed, but no records are displayed.
In Version 5.0 these do return records just fine.
As in Version 3, SHOULD I wrap those in a dummy outer query? e.g.

Select * from ( – Outer dummy query
– to hide the Subquery-Factoring-Clause
With SomeSubQuery as
(Select dummy DD from dual)
Select DD
from SomeSubQuery
) – End of outer dummy query

d) Colors lost in Clipboard:
When copying code from the Code Editor window and pasting it into a Rich-Text target (e.g. RTF or HTML email or Microsoft Word), it’s plain black normal unformatted text.
Doing the same from version 5.0 SQL-Editor window nicely preserves Font, Color and Italics - I frequently open it just for that purpose.

e) Can’t execute parts of SQL code
Version 5 and prior execute only the selected code - if some text is selected.
Version 6 build 844 expects, according to right-click menu | Execute, the Shift+F9 key for this. However, both the Shift+F9 and the right-click menu option execute the whole text in the window anyway. I use partial execution a lot!



We’ve already fixed all the mentioned issues, except d). The fixes will be available in the next build. It will be released once we are happy with it (no stability problems etc.)