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Feedback on Search/replace and also the formatting options dialog


Options >> Editor >> Formatter >> Custom Tab

The Expand/Collapse buttons don’t work correctly. This is an issue in the current production version also. In addition, if you manage to expand all of the sections, the bottom entries in the list scroll out of the viewing area, but no scroll bar is available to allow you to scroll to the bottom of the list. Since the options dialog is not resizeable , you can’t resize the box either.

Search and Replace Feedback:

I really wish there was a way to invoke a search or search and replace entirely from the keyboard. The new (I’m not sure what you call it - replace toolbar?) is OK, but I have to use the mouse to execute the command and another mouse click to close the feature. Also, some tooltips to explain what the buttons are for would be very helpful. As it is, I really don’t know what [Ab] or .+ really mean.

Mike Hayes


For Toad DP on WinXP SP3 Pro

  1. Options >> Editor >> Formatter >> Custom Tab – I do see a scroll bar on my installation.

  2. Search and Replace – displays a Find (and Replace) dialog box at the top of the editor on my installation.

  1. Sorry I wasn’t clear. I see a horizontal scroll bar, but since I’m trying to scroll to the bottom of the list, I need a vertical scroll bar.

  2. I agree that I have a dialog although it really is more like a tool bar since it’s pinned to the top of the editor screen. I’m not arguing that I can’t search and replace. I’m arguing that it’s lacking keyboard support and tool-tip style documentation.

I expect to be able to execute a simple search and replace operation (no regular expressions, for example) completely from the keybaord.