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few more things

  1. Export - if you run a query and then Export it, only the first 100 rows will be exported unless you go to the grid and click on Fetch-All first. The old editor gave you an option to export All Rows (default) or a limited number, or just the selected.

  2. Export - Really need to be able to export Spool, and as Table insert as before. Also exporting to clipboard is nice for small outputs.

  3. In the column pane, for hot-keys on the buttons, alt-U works to go up, but alt-D does not work to go down.

  4. Open File - after you open an existing file, if you make changes to the query, under the /File menu on the main SQL Nav menu, the Save and Save As are grayed out. You can, however, right-click and use the File menu there.

  5. Open File icon - sometimes this resets to my desktop for some reason.

  6. Grid - After you run your query, there isn’t a row count displayed. You have to scroll down to see how many rows there are. If you Fetch-All, you will see how many rows were fetched, but that disappears once you click on anything in the grid. (The old grid always had the count displayed.)

  7. When running a query (F9), in the old editor, the cursor would go to the top line and be in the color of “execution line”. You knew it was running. In UE, the cursor remains in edit mode (cursor blinking), you have to look closely to see that it is executing. (This is probably just a personal thing that I liked - it was more obvious your query was still running.)

  8. This may have already been posted, but when I run a query SELECT * mytable in updateable mode, I can update in the grid. But if I change the query to SELECT * mytable WHERE 1=1 in updateable mode, it pops out of updateable mode after F9 is pressed.

  9. The ^/v arrows for the refresh time are not very intuitive as to what they are for. There is a separator bar between them and the refresh checkbox s you don’t know it is for the refresh. I really don’t think you need these buttons at all. It’s easier to put in the new time than it is to arrow up or down one second at a time.



Hey Charlie…

Good to hear from you again!!

1 and 2. Absolutely agree… we have to do a lot of work on the export stuff. CR has been raised.

  1. Alt+D works for me and Sekhar??

  2. Agree… CR has been raised.

  3. We can’r replicate this, but will keep an eye on it (how often does it happen to you?).

  4. Agree… CR has been raised.

  5. I was discussing this very issue with Bruce the other day!! I’m glad you’ve mentioned it here as it gives me more leverage :slight_smile:

  6. Not sure if we raised a CR for this, so I raised another (just in case).

  7. This has been changed slightly, so the layout looks much better. The arrows are still there but they are now placed correctly. Let me know what you think, when you get the next build!!

  • Jaime -


3 - when I press Alt-D for down, it selects Debug from the main SQL Nav menu on the top toolbar.

5 - yeah, I haven’t been able to reproduce it on purpose. But I get it at least daily. I’ll let you know.



Yep Alt+D is not working for me too…

  1. I think I figured it out. It has to do with Export. If I export data to an Excel file on my Desktop, then next time I try to Open a SQL file, the directory is at the desktop level. The old export did not set where the File Open directory opens.


  1. Hmm… you must be doing something (in your application workflow/usage) that is changing the short-cut operation. Now all we have to do is figure out what it is!!

Any ideas Roman??

  • Jaime -

  1. Investigation is underway!!
  • Jaime -


In the next iteration, the Debug menu will be removed, so the Alt+D shortcut won’t clash. The new debugger is integrated into Code Editor in a different way, without using Debug menu.