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File export date suffix on names - how to suppress?

(Toad data point When I try to export a file the file name gets a date suffix, regardless of whether I I check “Overwrite existing file” or not. Is this a bug? I want to export without things being added to my chosen file names. To me that’s what an overwrite option should facilitate. I have a process where the I export should be named exactly the same every time. What else am I forgetting?

Turn off the option box to add the date suffix.

I’ll update here if I find, but having looked at Options under Tools not seeing the way to select/de-select the use of the suffix... where is it?

EDIT: one place it’s supposed to be is on the output options page of the wizard (per online wizard docs) but seems like it’s commingled with the “overwrite” selector and no way to select to do the suffix or not. Seems like a bug aka a feature I don’t fully appreciate yet.