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File Export spool


When I export a large file (500 bytes x 65k rows) to Spool Text (about a 32MB file), it seems to pretty much suck up all the resources on my PC. I can’t do anything else on my PC until the export is complete (I can, but it is painfully slow). It took almost 30 minutes to export. That is a long time not to be to do anything with your PC. Is there anything that can be done about that? I don’t mind so much that it takes 30 minutes, but to bring your PC almost to a halt is a little troublesome.



Yep, this it not good performance Charlie!!
I’ve logged a CR and we’ll look at this with the performance issues after 5.5 goes out.
I’ll give you a “hoy” if we need any more info on this.



Thanks. I’ll await the “hoy”.