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File extensions - not updating registry / taking effect

Toad Open Options - Extensions - Place checkbox beside sql

Click Apply, click OK.

Double-click file in operating system - still associated with SSMS, not Toad.

Close/re-open Toad. Still no effect.

Looking at registry keys… HKCR.sql - is pointing at “ToadStudio.SqlServer.Beta.sql.6.5” - so that’s right

Looking at HKCR\ToadStudio.SqlServer.Beta.sql.6.5\shell\open - seems to be defined correctly

So maybe this problem is only on my machine. I do have SSMS for SQL 2014 installed. It’s always the thing that opens. Maybe SSMS 2014 is grabbing the extension some other way. Can someone who also has SQL Server 2014 installed give this a try please?


I tried this issue on my machine ,It only works when I set the options for the first time .But

when I cancle this checkbox apply and will not work.

I have create TSS-228 for this bug.

Thanks for your suggestions.


I am sorry ,The issue is TSS-288