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One thing that has been missing in navigator (in all versions) is the file open with recently opened files. Most editors store the text file(s) up to 9 that were recently accessed. Most days when I go home I come in in the morning and want to work on the last file I was using the night before. Just wondering if this is a feature they can add at some point (or is this a feature we have always had and I have never been able to find it?).

Still really enjoying this new navigator a lot…


I think I can help you there. Simply open a code editor and click on the arrow next to the folder icon in the toolbar to get the list of recently open files.




Hi Dale,

You can also use the restore window option in the preference screen as attached (View->Preferences main menu).

You can just close (the whole application) SQL Navigator having all files or editors window open, the next time you start up SQL Navigator again, it will restore your previous working layout for all open editors and script files…Please let us know if this would help your work flow.

Thanks and regards,


I had noticed that in previous versions and have never used it for fear that I might be in a produciton box 1 day and come in the next thinking I’m on a test box and start making changes. I really wanted it to be deliberate. I may try it and see if my “fears” are unwarrented…
I do appreciate the feedback…


Is there a way to clear out the list of recently opened files? While I appreciate the feature, I do not need a list of 26! Thanks!


Hi Randy,

Nav doesn’t have a clear button for this list but you can hack into the Documents & settings.
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Quest Software\SQL Navigator\Unified Editor\state.ini
Delete lines starting with RecentFile. Be really CAREFUL though as it might mess up a lot of things if you delete the wrong thing.

I will raise an enhancement request for this. Maybe we can do it in a future version.