Fill child / parent objects in logical model

I am confused why the ‘fill child/parent object’ functionality is availble in the physical data model, but not in the logical data model.

I am finding it frustrating having to redraw existing relationships on new workspaces in a logical model and potentially contradicting another relationship I have established elsewhere in the model.

Is the ‘fill’ functionality not included for a reason?


I have some tips for you:

  1. Click Objects | Select Links Automatically. Then try to select several entities in your main workspace (logical model) and you will see that relationships among the selected entities will be selected too. Then you can right click any of the selected entity and choose Add into new workspace. New WS will be created with the entities and relationships.
  2. In your newly created workspace, right click the workarea and choose Add selected Objects to Workspace from popup menu. A list of objects that can be added to the workspace will appear. In logical model, you can show/hide also Inheritance lines.

Range of features is different in logical and physical model. I crated new change request for your requirement: CR74573.

Thank you,


Thanks Vaclav.

Could you give me a very rough idea of how long change requests take to inclusion in a release (assuming it is accepted)


it depends. All requests are periodically reviewed and we always add several “not originally planned” features to every release, but I am not able to specify now if this may happen to your request.