Fill options not available on some entities

I’m using included with Toad 10.

Noticed that when you right-click on an entity shortcut in the WS, at the bottom of the context menu are 4 options. Edit, Fill Parent, Fill Child, and Fill Parent and Child objects.

If the entity I right-clcik on is an entity with a self-relationship (in addition to other relationships), then the context-menu is missing these options.

Instead, it has Straight line, change line to right angled, simplify line, reduce handle point options instead.

This seems like a bug to me.

Is there any other way to access the fill object options?



I realized what was happening.

When you select the enitty that has a self-relationship, the relationship gets selected also. Thus the context menu is affected.

The solution is to deselect the self-relationship by holding shift and clicking it. Then when only the entity is selected, the context menu does indeed contain the fill options.

Perhaps the minor bug here is that selecting the entity should not also select the self relationship?

Hello Morgan,

It works as you write:
You have to either deselect the self-relationship manually via the Shift key
disable the ‘Select Links Automatically’ option in the Objects menu (when you click the entity then, the relationship will not be selected). This option is enabled by default, so it is not a bug when the relationship is selected together with the entity.

Note: Since TDM Beta 3.5.2 multi-level pop-up menu is available when multiple objects are selected on the WS.

If you have more questions, please write me back. Thanks.



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