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Filters issue


In ObjectExplorer I’ve defined filter for users [marked
List of users has been filtered - and this is ok. But The same filter has been automatically applied to schemas [
And imho this is not ok!




I’m sorry but I’m not sure I understand what the problem is. Can you please provide more details?




ok, I will try:
a. Object Explorer [OE] is constructed as follow from top:

  1. schema
  2. filter that could be applied to list of object [4.]
  3. filter that selects type of object
  4. List of DB objects.

Normally, you select schema [1] then type of objects [3] and get the list of DB objects[4]. That list can be filtered by expression entered in [2].
Normally it works this way [eg. for stored procedures and so on]
But filter expression [2] applied to list of DB user has been applied not only to list of DB objects [4] but to schema as well.
Although schema can be considered as a users’ synonym, it shall be regard as separate objects.
Schema has his own filter and it should be separated from list of objects - you should be able to see all schemas and be able to filter users

I hope it will help



All objects such as tables, views, etc are under a Schema. In Oracle, the user type is the same as the Schema. Therefore the filter applies to both the top Schema and the type user. This is correct and only occurs for this one type.