Find and replace bug in 6.4

I work as a DBA and part of my job is to migrate code from user’s schema’s to various development and production schemas. This means you use the find and replace feature a lot. The objective is to find the user’s schema name and replace it with the schema name the code is being migrated to.

Find username, replace with qaservername.
Nav finds username
Click find again to find the next place in the code that has username
nav finds username
At the end of the proc, nav will display a popup - reached end of file. contineu search from the top?

But sometimes this message box will display behind the find and replace box. Consequently you can’t click the yes button.

The confirmation box has focus and you can’t do anything. This makes DBA’s very angry with quest software.


This issue may have been reported before: see here.

Unfortunately, it seems like there was never a formal fix for it.

Hi Dominique and Henry,

We attached importance to fixing this issue after we got the first report. We have been seeking for sulotions and verifying the outcomes for a long time. It’s tricky due to the limitation of the development component that we use for find&replace. We have tried to improve in 6.5 and so far our internal QA couldn’t reproduce the issue. We keep eyes on this when we’re using Nav as well. Could you please let us know that whether you found this issue in latest 6.5 beta?


yes it exists in 6.5…

Sometimes you have to edit the same proc a couple of times.

Sometimes after a couple of edits, then the confirm box comes back but is behind the find and replace box. I use find and replace to first change the schema for the proc. But then I want to search from the top of the code to the grants protion of the package. Sometimes developers have added grants that are ok for one environment, but not acceptible to a production or test environment. So we pull the grants out. But it always depends on the specific package / environment / grant level etc…

Hi Everyone

As Vincent mentioned QA is trying to reproduce the issue so it can get fixed.

However, not sure if you are aware, but if you hit when the confirmation is hidden, it will select ‘Yes’ and dissapear.


I think I have a way you can replicate this bug.

write a regular package

at the end of the package add comments

— end of ddl script for myschema.tablename

The do the find and replace(myschema).

*make sure the stuff your searching for is in the comments.

when the find and replace goes from the top of the script to the bottom, something happens with comments and it gets confused. Then nav asks do you want to start from the top again? But you can’t click the box.

Yes I know you can just hit enter and it will select yes on the box you can’t see and bring you to the top. But this is pretty sloppy and I expect better out of quest.

Sorry these steps do not work for me :frowning:

If anyone is able to reproduce the issue with these steps or has an alternate way of doing so, please let me know and i will try again.

And yes I agree this isn’t very nice, hitting the enter key was only suggested as a work around until we are able to produce a real solution.