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Is it possible to make Find Object look outside the current schema? See the attached screenshots. I have a table with the same name in two different schemas. This can be seen by selecting from all_objects. Using Find Object, you can only see the one from the current schema, even if I put a wildcard in front of the name. It would be nice if you are able to specify user’s schema/all schemas like it is in the Code Search.



Hi Charlie!
Searching autside current schema works for me, maybe you don’t have privs to see table from other schema… Try to seach with “use dba views” checked in preferences.
Your attachement wasn’t uploaded, i had the same situation today, it has been uploaded for the third time.

Regards Piter.


I’ve attached the screenshots again.

I found “Enable using DBA dictionay views” in Preferences under /General /Session. I checked it on and tried again and it still will only search in the current schema. Is that the preference setting you were talking about?



Sorry Charlie, the attachment failed to upload again. I’ve sent a scathing e-mail to the website people in the US
Yes, that is the option that Piter is talking about.
The option is also available in the ‘New Session’ Logon dialogue (click the ‘Options’ button at the bottom left of the dialogue).

I’ll have a look at this issue this morning, and see if I can replicate your problem…



Try to do following selects:
select * from all_objects where object_name like ‘%%’
select * from dba_objects where object_name like ‘%%’

Is there objects from other schema?

Ps. Attachemets not working, when i thied to upload , rhere was a message that my session expired.

Regards Piter


I’ve been looking at this, and it appears to be working as expected.
I’ve created several tables accross different schemas, all with the same or similar names.

  • If I enter nothing in the ‘Name (like):’ field of the Find objects dialogue:
    It only returns matches from the one schema.

  • If I enter %.JAIME% in the ‘Name (like):’ field: it returns matches from all schemas.



Exactly That should be ! Maybe if Charllie upload screenshots succesfully , than we could know something more.

Regards Piter


Ahhh… I see the problem. If I enter %TABLENAME, it will only find the table name in the current schema. If I enter %**.**TABLENAME, it will find it in all schema. You have to put in the dot.

Suggestion here, can the Owner and the Name field be separated? Or put in a Schema Scope radio button box like there is in the Code Search? I think it will be a lot more user-friendly.

Thanks Jamie and Piter, I don’t think I would have figured it out by myself.



Hi !
Seperated owner and object - i think it’s good idea!

Regards Piter


I’ve loged an enhancement request!!