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Find objects: right-click in "wrong" place clears selection


I want to compile invalid objects. I go to Search => Find objects
Name (like): <my_schema>.%
Status: Invalid
Type(s): Any type
Last modified: Any time


Get a bunch of invalid objects.
Ctrl+A to select all objects, right-click, compil… No compile? Oops, can’t recompile invalid snapshots, so i have to exclude them. Ctrl+click here and there to exclude snapshots (can be other objects too - it’s important to deselect some objects here)
And now, finally, right-click on the remaining selection in order to select compile->compile/rebuild.
Now, if the right-click happens on any text, all is fine. if the right-click happens on a whitespace after some object name (some objects have only 5-6-char names, some 30, so the lenght varies greatly and usually there is a lot of white space), my carefully constructed selection is gone and only the object i last clicked on, remains selected.

There are at least two workarounds, one to right-click on text, and another to use Ctrl+F9, but still from time to time i stumble on this one and say some not so nice words…

Played some more and found, that deselecting is not important - even only when selecting and then right-clicking to the “wrong”, empty place gives the same result, selection gone. It’s annoying probably because (Ctrl+)left click on the empty space selects the row with now problem, so i automatically think “left click works here, so should right”. Is it possible to make right-click also to work here on “empty space”?


Hi Andres,
Unfortunately, that how the list view component works. It may be possible but it would involve a lot of changes to all the components that use list view in NAV. So we’re not planning to make any changes for it.