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In the Find Objects form, is it possible to “ignore case”? Does Oracle even have objects named in lower case? You always have to be sure to search for the Name to be all upper case. Or maybe give a Case Sensitive checkbox?

It also would be nice if the Type field (or any of the fields) would maintain their last state. I pretty much use this form to find tables where I don’t know the complete name, and if I don’t change the Type each time to Table, then I get all sorts of other objects in my list that I don’t care about. Thanks.-Charlie


Hi Charlie,
I’m not aware that Oracle does use lower case for objects…
However, there may be some special circumstances (I will investigate).
I like the idea of a case sensitive option…
I also like the idea of, perhaps anther option for the ‘type’ field (remember my selection).
I’ll log an enhancement request, and see if we can’t get this dialogue a bit more user-friendly for you.



So oracle has some objects stored with lower case, some tables functions , synonyms , java classes.

Try this select:
select * from all_objects where object_name like ‘%o%’.

But i think case sensitive checbox is a good idea!

Regards Piter