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First 'Weekly Developer Surprise Award' Announcement!


Hi all Community users!

We’re happy to annouce the most active and most contributing members of our Community forum! This time, all posts since the first BETA release have been evaluated. However, from now, your bug notices, suggestions etc. will be evaluated weekly, and the announcement will be published every Monday.

The following users have been awarded extra points:

Norm - 35 points
Rodney - 25 points (Rodney, you’ve got the special Developer Surprise award. :slight_smile: )
raymondr - 10 points
bvader - 10 points
remmicom - 5 points
ScottCher - 5 points

We thank you very much for all the bug reports and enhancement requests you sent us! All have been forwarded to our developers and some of them have already been fixed for next BETA release!

Furthermore, I’d like to inform you that you all - forum members - automatically participate in the TDM3 BETA Contest and can win some great prizes! (We keep records of ALL your bug notices and enhancement requests!) Please see the challenges at:

We encourage you to take part in these contests, and give us as much feedback as possible. No bug, no request is missed or ignored. We do care!
Each bug that you report raises a lot of questions, and we need to know the answers to be able to simulate the problem and find out what causes it.

Thank you for taking the time to reply to us! We appreciate your co-operation very much!

Looking forward to announcing other ‘Developer Surprise award-winners’ next week! (It’ll be on Tuesday because of the Monday Easter holiday…)