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Forcing windows to use a specific version of Toad when right clickeng on a TAS file


I am using Toad for DB2 (Z/os) version 6.5, but have version 6.3 installed as well. When I double click on any toad related file, the Version 6.3 gets started.
I know that this is really a Windows issue but I was wondering if anyone else has this issue.
Shimon J.


In Toad DB2 v6.5, you can go to Tools - Environment - Extensions and check the ‘associated’ check boxes for the file extensions you want to open in v6.5. (See image)

Also within Toad DB2 v6.3 - ensure those are associations are unchecked.
Hope this helps,


Thanks Jeff.
The only reason I keep version 6.3 is to be able to have two instances of Toad open at the same time, when the Beta version is not available.
Is there a way to force two sessions of Toad of the same version?

What is the roadmap for version 7, will there be another Beta or do we have to wait for the official release?

Shimon J.


You can allow multiple instances of the same Toad version to run by checking the below Option:

At this point I am not sure if we will be posting another 7.0 beta…


Thanks alot.
Have a great day,
Shimon J.