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foreign key gets passed to another table



I’m designing a database to use in our project, a program to manage a music database.
In the table programmanummer(Programnumber) it includes as primary foreign key GebruikerID(UserID), which is used in the table Programma(Program). I don’t think this is necessary, but the program won’t allow me to delete the key from the programmanummer table. Is there something i’m missing here? Or is it just a quirk in TOAD?




edit Relationship 15 and on tab General uncheck the Identifying checkbox. This way you can change your identifying relationship to non-identifying.

BTW: On toolbar, there are two icons, identifying relationship and non-identifying relationship.

For more information about relationship types click Help | User Guide and read section Physical Data Model | Create Entity Relationship Diagrams | Create Relationship and also section Understanding of Foreign Keys.




thanks for the help!