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foreign keys across documents


Is there any way to create foreign keys across documents?

I have two large models, each in separate documents (they are separate applications). Call these model documents A and B.

We are introducing a third application which will have hundreds of tables and will exist as a separate entity in our development organization Call this model document C.

I am going to need to create hundreds of foreign keys from models A and B to model C.

I’d rather not have them all in the same document. They are different schemas and different applications. We keep the models in XML for source code control purposes, and the bigger they are, the slower they are to work with, plus now I have to remember to put the table owner everywhere. So easier to have three documents, except for the foreign key problem of course.

Is there any mechanism for creating foreign keys to parent tables in another document?


Hello there,

If you want to transfer foreign keys between models, your best bet would be to use Gallery. Foreign keys are bound to relationships, so try transferring relationships from your source model to your target model and see whether that works for you.