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Formating inline Advice Request


Maybe its a difficult implementation but now that the formatter is 100% quest software where is some requests:

When the inline advices 532 and 533 appear together only the 533 should be should be displayed


/*ADVICE(390): Use of NULL statements [532] */
/*ADVICE(391): Exception masked by a NULL statement [533] */


/*ADVICE(390): Exception masked by a NULL statement [533] */

also when the advice 553 is together with some others only the 553 should be displayed
for instance
/*ADVICE(9): NUMBER has no precision [315] */
/*ADVICE(10): Unreferenced variable [553] */

/*ADVICE(9): Unreferenced variable [553] */


Hi Filipe,

I have forwarded this to Andre in formatter team. Thanks for your advice:).


Thanks Filipe for this hint. You may know that each of the advice can be turned on or off. Suppressing advice A of a pair A-B by the other advice B may then result in no advice at all when advice B was turned off … so it masking advice may become a little complex.
We’ll still have a look at it.




I was thinking in the way:

  • the cleanup is made after all advises (selected) generated
  • there is a priority in the advises and if the next advise would be in the next line it could be ignored for certain types or could collapse in only one