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Formatter example window


How to make it work with my examples Documents (the ones that I specify in the first option screen of formatter)?

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Hi Filipe,

That window provides a “fixed” example documents in addition to the existing pane-related documents". When you select “Document per Pane” and have the options “Show Example Window” checked, everytime you go to an Options page, a window will be displayed with associated code to test the options that have been changed. The loaded script will vary depending on which Options page was selected.

Instead of using these built-in scripts, you can create test scripts by yourself. In order to do that, I also have the Show Example Window ticked, select option 0 in the Example Documens field and type in a short note to differentiate this script from others. In this case, I typed ‘Test script 1’. Then click on any option in the tree (i.e. DML statements)–> the Example window will be showed with the comments and no script. Paste or type in any script that you like. Repeat these steps to create ‘Test Script 2’. The scripts are automatically saved.

Now you can use them by simple select the associated option. In this case, 0 for ‘Test script 1’, 1 for ‘Test script 2’.

Hope this helps



One last question …why that windows closes when in the General->Header ?


Hi Filipe,
The Formatter and its Options window are maintained by another team. As far as I know, the Formatter doesn’t read the options in General->Header page. And the header which you see in the formatted result after you hit Ctrl+R is generated by my code. I think we cannot make sure the Example window and I can create the same header. So this can be a reason why they didn’t show Example window in this page.
I hope this helps. Please let me know if you still have questions.