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Formatter: In code review option Description is too short in height


In code review option Description field is too short in height…also why not have it with more width?

examples: 115, 201, 401, 420, 511



Hi Filipe,
Do you mean the text in the grid is not fully displayed? They look fine in my environment. Can you provide a screen shot of the broken items and information of your environment?



What environment info do you need?
I’m using Windows Vista



Methinks this might be a Vista-specific (font?) problem, then - I’m using XP 64-bit (Windows 2003 Server codebase), and I do not have the problem (same layout as Vincent’s screen shots).


I could easily find this problem on Vista. The font looks the same as my XP’s, but the size displays a little bit bigger. The UI should handle this well as I already saw some rows got new line in Vista and they can still look well. The rows Filipe found out got wrapped but the grid rows didn’t increase their height somehow. There seems no workaround for this.

Personally I would like to see the grid can be resizable. When we resize the window then we can make the grid bigger and this problem will be solved. How do you guys think about this?

Filipe, I will create CR for this. The formatter options window is also hold by Andre. I will push him to fix this asap:)


If the column size of the description could be changed and stored for the next time I think would solve the problem…


I’d think that the height of each box gets calculated, based on the assumed pixel width of the description text.
For Vista, this calculated width seems to be lower than the width actually taken (maybe because the algorithm used is dependent on the font/typeface used in XP, even when running on Vista?), causing some descriptions to “flow” differently and sometimes take one or more lines extra to display.
If you were to change to width the description box, a recalculation will be done, but it will probably still be wrong for Vista - fixing the situation for some descriptions, but making others fail.


Just to notice that this issue still happens in 6.2 beta 2.

Its strange to have a big window and even soo the table/column size doesn´t change



Hi Filipe,

I’m sorry that we haven’t had this fixed yet. The CR is still open in formatter team. I wish I could give a hand on it but unfortunately I cannot get access to it as it’s maintained by other team:(.