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Formatter Slowness


How come the first time you format it is very slow?


Hi Joe,

It takes a bit longer to format the first time as we need to load the core library ‘qp5.dll’ which takes care of all the formatting functions.



Hi Jet, Bruce was right. It takes time to load and initialize the dll. But it is improved much faster now in our internal build. In the past, the first time formatting took like 3-5 seconds. And now, it can be done in about 1 second. I hope that we can send it out soon:).



Hi Vicent

that gets to the following questions:

  • why it’s not loaded in the start of Nav?
  • when a new beta release? :slight_smile: (this one is soon to expire)




Hi Filipe,

  • the reason why it’s not loaded when starting Nav is because we don’t want to make the starting process slower. Once a user is not planning to use the formatting function while Nav spends time to load the dll in startup, that would be bad for this case. Again, as the newest formatter dll makes a lot improvement, I believe the first delay is acceptable.

  • regarding a new beta release, we haven’t commit a day yet. I would say it should be in two weeks:).



My 2 cents… I would agree not to launch it at start up. If everyone feels strongly about this then add a parameter (Launch Formatter at startup/Launch Formatter when needed). We have not adopted that procedure here (unfortunately to do so would cause our code to be completely different)…


Hi Filipe,

We will send the new Beta build (expires end April 09) Monday 30 March 09 before the current build expires.

thanks and regards,


Glad to ear that Bruce :)!