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Formatting and code explorer


In build 1317 (I did not remember if it happened in the previous version) after formating the code explorer doesn’t get it’s “links locations” updated (i.e. connects to the old positions/lines).
I have to save to refresh that locations.



I could not reproduce this. Did you format a script or an object?
Did you have Auto Reparse ON?


1- package
2- ops…where is that option?



Right click on the editor.


Its was ON.

I think I know what is happening…the package has more than 2000 lines
(you can use HTP package for testing :slight_smile: ) after formatting I do not have also the collapsed options and the code explorer has the reported issue.
After sometime I get the collapsed option and the code explorer gets it right. I think that the re-parse process is running the the background and takes some time.


It also happens sometimes with a package with only 500 lines.

Maybe the refresh process is now called after formating?