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Hi Guys,

As I explained before nobody in my company has local admin rights which is a very much commonly used approach in the industry amidst all security concerns. One of the remifications of this is read-only access to Program Files and c:\windows\temp. It looks like some of the products that Nav is integrated with completely disregards the use of user folders and continue using SQL Nav home directory to store some information. I am talking about Formatter in this case. I am unable to save Formatting options because the access is denied. Changing Nav default directory did not change anything. See attachments.




Hi Vadim,

Thank you very much for your feedback on the security setup/envi. Agree with you that organisations are more focussed now on security and restriction. We have done a lot of work in Nav in this area (with Citrix support added) to move files and settings into user profile. We migth have overlooked some areas which you have already identified. We have askd the KX team to address the installer issue for you, and we will review other areas on this post 5.5.

We will raise a request on your behalf on Formatter issues and will tacke it for you post 5.5.

Thanks and regards,


Sweet. In the meantime I will log in as local admin set Formatting Options and switch back to my normal account.




There is a fairly easy way for us to acomplish this for you in Nav. I’ll chat with Bruce about the changes necessary and see if it isn’t something that we can get into beta fairly quickly.