Forms builder running while using Toad causes significant performance issues and freezes/crashing

When I run Toad (v17.0 currently) and Forms Builder (v12. at the same time Toad becomes very slow. Often Toad complete locks up and needs to be restarted (does not resolve the issue but it can hobble along for a while longer). I don't think the versions are significant because this is a long standing issue (years),

I'm currently using Windows 10 but I think the issue was there back when I was using Windows 7 as well. Other programs usually have no issues besides running a bit slower when Toad is trying to do whatever it does when it stops responding. It's likely not a resource issue as task manager does not show them maxing out. Also this is an issue experienced by all my colleagues as well (similar setups but some variations in hardware). Crashing/Freezing might be a bigger issue for me than my colleagues but all of us experience significant performance issues (with the window at least temporarily becoming unresponsive).

I'm not doing anything strange when this happens, as an example I just restarted Toad after it stopped responding. Then I opened a schema browser, an editor and tried to open a file then it stopped responding again. In this case that looks like it's trying to open a second window in the task bar then it goes unresponsive, changing title bar color to white, the new window disappears, then color changes again and so on without end. The time before that I was attempting to scroll in an open file.

As you can understand this is very frustrating sometimes it crashes often other times it's only slow (you can forget trying to use something like F4/quick describe as that causes crashing to often). Closing Forms builder helps with the issue but that's undesirable as you often need to work with both.

Is the problem that queries become slow? You can turn on spool SQL to see the timings.

You might want to try running Toad in no-client mode to see if that helps. To do that:

  1. Start Toad but don't make a connection yet
  2. In the login window, uncheck "Connect using Oracle client" (inside the "installed clients" box)
  3. Connect as usual.

As far as I can tell the queries themselves are not an issue, it feels like the GUI is whats having issues (but I can't tell what Toad is doing when the issues occurs). I can look into doing some tests with the no-client mode when I have some more time to spare.

Ok, well let me know when you can try it. I can't imagine any other possible connection that Toad might have to Forms builder than through the Oracle client. But I have never used Forms Builder and don't know anything about it.

A quick test makes me think this is not enough to solve the issue but I will try to keep using it for a while to see if it makes any difference but I'm not hopeful.

My test was simply to connect to a database F4/quick describe 3 tables and then end the connection. The results were:

With forms running and connected to DB

  • Insta client 58 sec
  • Without 59 sec

Without forms running

  • Insta client 33 sec
  • Without 36 sec

So as you can see it takes significantly longer if forms is running. A colleague tried the same thing and got similar results but a bit less drastic (26 sec vs 36 sec with forms).

Haven't noticed any improvement with the other "no-client"-client and I had to stop using it since it had some other issues:

  • Using F9 to run an update statement + a commit statement did not actually commit changes (had to run as script)
  • Using rowid in select to push/commit directly in grid did not actually commit (only the "global" commit button worked)
  • Opening a second tab in the editor to check that the changes have been committed did not work as they seem to share the session if you are not using the oracle client.

The above things caused some confusion for me but are unrelated to the issue at hand. I'd appropriate any further help to improve things with Forms Builder/Toad.