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Forms6i-home and SqlNav



First of all: I wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2009!

Now for my problem: I’ve got 3 Oracle Homes on my PC: a client for Forms 4.5 / Net2, a client for Forms 6i and a client (don’t ask why, please).

My PATH environment variable contains the 3 “bin” directories, of course, in the following order:
; ,

Recently, I installed Patch 18 on the Forms 6i client, which changed my PATH environment variable - it put the Forms 6i bin directory first.

From then on, SqlNav 6.1 “froze” when connecting to a DB. SqlNav 5.5 could still connect though, as if nothing had happened.


i’m almost sure you already try but changing the Oracle home/client in the logon panel didn’t solve anything, right?


I’m afraid I have to admit I didn’t try that.

(…a few VPN-connected minutes pass…)

Tried it (selected the Form 6i home instead of the default home), but it didn’t make a difference.


I would suggest to try with the others homes…make sure that with theother homes SQL plus works…if it works with SQL plus it should workwith SQL nav.

but wait…With SQL Nav 6.1 you can try a direct connection to the DB (so you do not need a ORACLE_HOME :slight_smile:

…doesn’t that work for you?

From my experience the working speed is similar…and as the advantage that do not need an ORACLE_Client (I think it’s the only difference with 6.* (from 5.5) that I really like)

Filipe Silva



SQL*plus works from the 3 Oracle Homes.
I’ve changed the order of the Oracle Homes in the PATH environment variable to:

  1. ; ;
  2. ; ;
  3. ; ;

In the first case, SqlNav 5.5 and 6.1 connect flawlessly.
In the second case, SqlNav 5.5 connects, but SqlNav 6.1 issues a “Can’t initialize OCI. Error -1” - which disappears after selecting the Forms 4.5 home.
In the third case, SqlNav 5.5 connects, SqlNav 6.1 “hangs” (even if I select the Forms 6i home).

I’ve not tried the “Direct” connection type yet. How does it work?


Direct connection
in the database field put : :

for example

it will connect directly to the DB without using the oracle client (similar to what SQL Developer does)