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Forum RSS error


I didn’t find a forum appropriate for this, so I’ll just post here.
I try to read these forums via the RSS feed, and when I try to read a full message (The feed only contains the first 3 lines or so), I get an error from the website.

I use the “Global Feeds / messages” feed (

This is a sample URL I try to read (the RSS feed gives this) :

The resulting html page is attached


I’ve passed this along to our community administrators. They are
looking at it now!



What’s the exact string you send to your RSS Reader? It should be working according to our admin.


I use google reader, but I doubt it has anything to do with it. If I click on the URL I provided above, you’ll get an error page (I do). Here is how I set up my RSS feed:

Now, the feed works. My problem is not that. The feed doesn’t contain the full text of longer messages, but provides links to this site to read them (you click on the subject line in the feed reader typically, to get the full message). The link for example to your message is like this (technically I wouldn’t need it in this case, because your message is short, and it is fully in the feed, but it’s an example):

Go ahead, and click on the above link. I get the error page all the time.


I’ve looked “manually” into the feed, and compared it to other feeds that work. The problem probably is that in the tags in your feed, the URL has no “http://” prefix. It looks like this:

It seems, tha Google Reader thinks that it’s a relative URL, and prefixes it with the feed’s base URL. So instead of

I got

which is wrong. I don’t know if this is correct behaviour from Google Reader, I’ll test it with other feed readers later, but a simple solution would be to include the “http://” prefix in the tag of the feed, so it’d look something like this:

I looked at other feeds, which work, and they all have it this way. That’s why I think it’s probably not the feed reader’s problem.


Btw, I’ve noticed that it is fixed now. Thank you.